• Carbon Fiber Premium Pilot Headset
  • Carbon Fiber Premium Pilot Headset

Carbon Fiber Premium Pilot Headset

  • Carbon Fiber Premium Pilot Headset
The brief:

AG-1 headset is the power of times Technology Co., Ltd. for helicopter users to design, provide safe, reliable,
Clear voice communications business.
AG-1 has noise, dust, shock, clear call and other characteristics, in line with international standards, can fully meet the user
In a variety of harsh environments requirements.

the product features:

1, headphones average noise reduction of up to 32dB
2, headset wear, shock, light weight 420g
3, head part of the high degree of comfort
4, ear pad part of the sealing is good, high comfort, noise reduction superior performance
5, the microphone can be adjusted, clear voice and noise reduction effect
6, the microphone uses a high impedance and low impedance mode, you can connect different types of helicopters.

the operation points

1, the headset pulled up to the maximum worn on the head, and then adjust the size of the first ring-type head ring stretching mechanism, so that the ear muffle and the human ear closely. You can adjust the left and right earmuffs, until the feeling of noise isolation is best to.
2, in order to get the best call and noise reduction effect, please move to 5-10mm away from the lip.
3, to ensure that the use of this product is not the case of power, the headphone jack into the corresponding jack.
4, to ensure that all connections without errors, the use of the product to open the device, and call testing, and adjust the volume of equipment size, in order to achieve the best results.


1, wear appropriate is essential
Proper wear is critical and will affect the results, including noise reduction.
2, maintenance and cleaning
Do not disassemble any part of the product. If you find that the headset is defective, stop using it.
Regularly wipe the surface of the headset with a mild soapy water and wipe dry with a cotton cloth to keep the headphones clean.
Do not allow the headphones to soak in water.

The noise reduction system indicators: (CRY6151 electro-acoustic tester)
frequency(Hz) 125 250 500   1K   2K 4K 6K 8K
attenuation(dB) 18.2   26.5   31.1 34.3 37.9 41 38.5 36.2
standard deviation 2.2 3.0 2.3 1.4 1.5 2.1 2.5 2.2

Electro-acoustic indicators (test conditions: Ta = 20 ℃ R.H = 65 ℅)
  Parameter   Test Conditions   Typical values Units

  Sensitivity f =1kHz (Pin=1Pa 0dB = 1V/Pa) 102   dB
  Impedance (adjustable) f =1kHz (Pin =1Pa) 20-2000   W
  Frequency response Powder noise 1/3 octave analysis 80-18000   Hz
  rated power   200   mW
  Maximum input power   1000   mW
Microphone   Sensitivity f =1kHz (Pin=1Pa 0dB = 1V/Pa) - 85   dB
  Impedance f =1kHz (Pin =1Pa) 10 W
  Frequency response   150-8000Hz 150-8000   Hz
  Operating Voltage   ---   V
  Sound insulation       80-1800Hz average value           ≥32   dB
Integral   Lead length           PU straight + coupons 1000   mm
Plug specification NEXUES or Standard avaition connector 7.1 or 5.3+6.3   mm
  Color           Black ---     g
  Operating temperature High temperature 48 hours, low temperature 48 hours -40~+70   °C
package   Dimensions   180*250   mm
  weight without packaging 500     g
  Qty   ---   PCS
  Carton size   --   mm
  FCL weight   ---     g