Jul.2017 14
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Power-TimeTravelling in Jiulong Ecological Agricaltrure Park
A happy, wonderful travelling in Jiulong Ecological Agricaltrure Park for the whole Power-Time family.
In Power-Time, we believe that our success is driven by the strength and unity of our team. Every year, we take a break from our daily routines to embark on an exciting journey together. These annual trips are more than just a getaway; they are a cornerstone of our company culture, fostering collaboration, creativity, and camaraderie among our team members.

To enrich our spare life and deepen our partnership with each other, we organized a day activity on 7/8, Into 9 groups, some guys brought their families to participate actively, even only one day, but we enjoyed it so much.

The first station is the trip to Jiulong Ecological Agricaltrure Park, we can see flower sea there, and take good pictures, specially we played interesting games "To find the hidden treasures in the shortest time", finally two groups got the top one within 1 minutes and 13 seconds. They finally got rewards for their good cooperated works.

Closed to noon, we transfered to the near farmhouse, to cook ourseves. Each guy will take part in it. Some boys will be responsble to catch the fish, someones for chicken and duck, and someones for fire, and someones to wash and cut vagetables, we divided the works clearly and finished well, finally we had the lunch and enjoy our acchivements together. Finally, Boss Sherry and Manager Li chose out the best one and reward.

After lunch, we asked one coach to have one inspiring expansion. We tried our best to finish the mission together, also will be punished for our mistakes, interesting and exiciting. The impressed is the last one called "Stirring". We were divided into 4 groups, using the drum to play the tennis, who can have more times, who will got the first. In the end, one group played max 102 times, which exercised our cooperation and concentration.

Finally we enjoyed the rich dinner in the near donkey restaurant, then went back lately. Really a full day!