Dec.2017 13
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Power-Time Team with famous Danxiao mountian trip
In order to strengthen team’s energy and exciting employee’s spirit life. Power-Time orignized a two days nice trip of famous Danxiao mountian at middle of Nov.
In order to strengthen team’s energy and exciting employee’s spirit life. Power-Time has good traveling company culture every year. This time we come to the beautiful Danxiao Mountian, which is located at northeast of Shaoguan City. Here is Red rocks and red precipices, being relieved against the green woods and blue sky, look just like rosy clouds, hence the name” Danxia”, meaning “ Red clouds” in Enligsh. In those two days, we enjoyed how wonderful nature scenery and make us happier. There are undulating hills, adventure the Glass bridge and peaceful Nanhua temple. Let we go to our trip’s details.

From company to Danxia mountian, there is 5 hours around long bus, we have to get up ealier and catch the lunch time to restrurant nearly Danxia mountian. The time in the bus we got some interesting games by guide’s idea. The HR colleague prepared some rewards and punished policy to creat the games more interesting. With the happy songs and smile, enjoy the candy and kinds sweet food. We come to destination so fast.

After lunch, we come to foot of the hill, you can see our group photo in gate of Danxia mountian. Guider told us that the gate word was wroted by the current president Xi Jinping’s father. Then we started to climb the mountain.

There are two places which are actually precipitous, the gradient arrives over 85 degrees. But all of us overcame the fear, and arrived the top of the mountian. At that time you just wanna make deep breath and all green color in your eyes, just consider more healthy for our body.

Danxia mountain is very big and we visited all good scenic spot till to night. Suddenly it rained and feel so colder than Shenzhen. Luckly company’s head mentioned us to bring more warm clothes. At night we went to a very special restrurant in Shaoguan big spot dishes. Even though everyone is very tired at that time. Ms. Sherry, Power-Time CEO stay with us and cheers the first day successfully.

We have enough sleep rest and rich breakfast in Four star hotel, awaiting for us next station is stop-glass bridge. But that day is keeping last night raining. Eventhough we must be careful of the step and dangours. Someone still keep a highly nice mood and encourge the other people. Stop-Glass bridge with 1638 ladders and located at very high mountian, when you arrived the bridge, you can see transparency material glass under your feet and you can’t help your trembling. That is a unforgettable adventure. Because of the raining and mountian around heavy fog. Hard to see very nice veiw in mountians.

After late lunch, we went to the old and named Nanhua Temple, where is the sixth buddha Huineng's dojo. We couldn't go ahead to take photos there, just take our heart to feel, I think eachbody can get quiet in the heart. Taking the quiet, we started to get back to Shenzhen and restart our new effort and fight. During the road, we also chosen the best personal, the best group and the most significant photos and rewarded. Even so late to arrive and tired, I think we all get new energy from the tip, thanks!!!