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Power-Time Appears with Innovative Two-Way Radio Accessories at 2023 European PMRexpo Exhibition
Shenzhen Power-Times Technology Co., Ltd. Appears with Innovative Two-Way Radio Accessories at 2023 European PMRexpo Exhibition

On November 28, 2023, Shenzhen Power-Times Technology Co., Ltd. made its debut at the international top European exhibition since the pandemic. With its professional R&D strength and innovative products in the field of walkie-talkie accessories, Power-Time successfully captured the attention of industry insiders and outsiders.

Power-Time has been dedicated to the R&D and production of two-way radio accessories since it was founded in 1999. Over more than two decades of technological accumulation and market refinement, our company has launched a range of cutting-edge products, such as full-duplex communication noise-canceling headphones, explosion-proof bone conduction firefighting headphones, and ultra-low temperature & high-discharge batteries. These products have earned accolades within the industry and received numerous certifications and awards international authoritative institutions.

At the exhibition, Power-Time's booth was bustling with activity as it attracted both long-term customers as well as new prospects. A German customer said, "I've been working with Power-Time since 2005, their excellent product quality and exceptional service are really impressive. I'm delighted to see their latest product offerings this time, I am confident they will be highly popular." He also shared a photo of himself and the owner of Power-Time during his visit to their company, which garnered warm responses from onlookers.

During the exhibition, Power-Times new products have received widespread attention. Among them, the full-duplex communication noise-canceling headset has received considerable praise for its outstanding noise reduction capabilities and stable communication performance. And the fireman headphones with their unique bone conduction technology and explosion-proof features, have a broad application in the field of fire protection and safety. The ultra-low temperature and high discharge battery has won the favor of outdoor workers and users in extreme environments with its excellent low temperature performance and discharge capacity. At Power-Time's booth, visitors eagerly experienced the company's innovative products. A firefighter, testing the explosion-proof bone conduction firefighting headphones, marveled at its ability to deliver clear walkie-talkie instructions in noisy surroundings. He exclaimed, "This product is amazing! It allows me to focus more on the rescue work without any noise disturbance."

Power-Time stated that their participation aims to strengthen communication and cooperation with European customers and promote the internationalization of their products. And engaging with European industry experts and partners, to seeks and explore the development trends and market prospects for two-way radio accessories.

Power-Time will further deepen its collaboration with European customers, intensify efforts in expanding markets, and promote more innovative products to the global market. At the same time, our company will pay more attention to industry trends and technological development, continuously developing new products that cater to market demands. And provide global users with higher quality, more convenient two-way radio accessory solutions.

As a leader in the walkie-talkie accessory industry, Power-Time will consistently adhere to innovation-driven development and takes quality as its core competitiveness. In the future, our company will persist in upholding this principle, while exploring new application areas and expanding market space, and contribute more to the progress and development of the walkie-talkie industry.