Jun.2024 13
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Celebrating Power-Time 20 Years,join Us for the Second Wave of Anniversary Travels
20th Anniversary Milestone: Second Wave of Celebratory Travels in Yunnan

Twenty years of spring and autumn have been fruitful. With the banner of "growth wins the world, power creates the future", Power-Time has gathered the enthusiasm and dreams of countless employees, creating today's glory. To celebrate this milestone moment, we planned a trip to Yunnan, allowing employees to feel the warmth and strength of the team in the beautiful scenery. And this is the second wave of traveling which has different employees.

The ancient town of Shuhe in Lijiang, with its bluestone road, quaint wooden buildings, and clear streams, complements the scenery of Heilongtan. In the evening, we walked in the alleys of the Old Town of Lijiang, feeling the unique residential customs and cultural atmosphere of the Naxi people. This tranquility and harmony symbolize the tacit understanding and unity of the POWER-TIME team.


The Jinsha River and Tiger Leaping Gorge are known for their danger, wonder, strength, and beauty. The river water rushes and roars in the canyon, as majestic as a thousand armies and horses. This spectacular scene inevitably reminds people of the high morale and indomitable spirit of the team in Power-Time in their work. When facing difficulties, we also demonstrate fearless courage and firm determination, rushing forward like a tiger jumping into the river.


Shangri La Tancheng has the connotation of Tibetan Buddhism and the infiltration of ethnic culture. The exquisite Wheel City is an illusion of Pure Land and an expectation of reality. Pudacuo National Forest Park, where lakes, wetlands, forests, and snow-capped mountains complement each other, forms a beautiful picture. We believe that the future is beautiful, and we will achieve the goal of "growth wins the world, driving force creates the future"!



This trip to Yunnan not only allowed employees to appreciate the stunning natural and cultural scenery of Yunnan but also enhanced the cohesion and centripetal force of the team. We will take the joy and emotion of this trip as our driving force, and continue to contribute to the future development of the power era. In the future, Power-Time will continue to uphold the corporate spirit of "quality-oriented brand building, Power-Timecreating the future", welcome new challenges and opportunities, and jointly write a more brilliant tomorrow!