Jul.2017 01
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Notification of Logo Updating

The logo of Shenzhen Power-Time Technology Co., Ltd has been used by the English composition (Power-Time), For more conducive to promote our company to a uniform enterprise and brand image in Domestic and foreign markets,we made a update with it.  You can find all of them as below:

The paraphrase of the new Logo:

The logo was designed by our company name, and with concise, decent, dynamic feeling, and does not lose sedate, It’s to give full expression that POWER-TIME company is full of vigor and vitality,a fast-growing, full of international competitiveness enterprise.

Our mission is to provide professional, high quality, safety and stability products to our clients, And to make a contribution for environmental protection and low-carbon life.

The logo was designed the deformation of i as a signal is sending out a signal. It's full embodies that our enterprise’s industry characteristics and the high quality product.

The color of the logo is include blue and green, The blue is stand for technology and development, The green represents environmental protection, healthy and upward.