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GPCOMM Mid-Year Celebration Ceremony

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Author : 杨平
Update time : 2020-08-03 15:42:15

GPCOMM Mid-Year Celebration Ceremony  
     On July 31st, all fellow members of Power-Time get together in a huge local  dining hall to celebrate the mid-year ceremony, There are numbers of programs and games prepared by our fellow colleagues to entertain us during the ceremony, many delicious dishes and snacks were served, we had a lot of fun.

     The ceremony was held to celebrate the great progress we made in the past half year, and also to commend some colleagues for their over eight years' continuous hard working for the company, a long-term incentive prize, amount over 50 thousand to 100 thousand Yuan was awarded to them.

     Melodious songs were sung  by our nicely dressed colleagues!

    We also had a lot of fun playing games!
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