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Welcome to POWER-TIME IWCE exhibition

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Update time : 2019-01-24 11:39:46
Dear Valued Power-Time Friend,

Here we wanna invite you to come to Power-Time exhibition stand 2575 at IWCE  in Las Vegas on March, 6-7.

To be better for the booth info, please find as below:


Time: 6-Mar-19 to 7-Mar-19
Place: Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas,NV, USA
Booth: 2575
To redeem your free pass, visit and register with Power-Time Promo code: E66
It is very happy to attend this exhibition again, and we hope to meet you there too.  If you have plan to this show, please be kindly to arrange visa in advance. If any help we can do for you, please be freely to mail us. We look forward to get your confirmation!

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