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Our support to Hubei province

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Update time : 2020-02-27 16:46:57
Relentless disease rampant around, we are compassionate to our fellow beings, and there is love in the world to warm the heart.
When we learned that the front line of the battle was in short supply, our company immediately contacted the Material Coordination Department of the Hubei General Charity Association. Under the leadership of Chairman Xie Nianfei, the fellows of Shenzhen GPCOMM (Power-Time) perform efficiently and fulfill the enterprise's due responsibility and social responsibility, donated a total of 31,250 ctns of materials for Hubei according to the list of required supplies, and it departed for d to Hubei this morming.
We are in Shenzhen, we are from Power-Time, we are with you, and we hope that the people of the motherland will be safe, healthy and happy, Wuhan, come on! Stay strong, China!
Looking forward to meeting you when the cherry blossoms are full! We are the best!

We are from Power-Time, we are together.

Power-Time staff are loading goods.

The truck full of donations ready to depart.

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