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  is a family with love, care, laugh. Everybody is consientious, initiative and diligent with his job. We believe,there is power, there is future!

Core Value

Strive to learding and offering satisfied individualized products and service

Honest and reliable first, Harmony, Quality remarkable,Innovation

Make the communication more security

Ten Advocating, Ten Against
Advocate Efficient and High Quality,            Against Delay and Perfunctory;
Advocate Hard Study ,                            Against Unenterprising;
Advocate Loving Your Jobs ,                      Against Doing Nothing;
Advocate Considering the overall situation,      Against Individualism;
Advocate Innovation,                            Against Conformism;
Advocate Adhere to principles ,                  Against Good socialist;
Advocate Stricting requested yourself,          Against muddling along;
Advocate Solidarity and friendship,              Against Mutual-defeating;
Advocate Compliance,                            Against Liberalism;
Advocate Pragmatic ,                            Against Practise fraud.